New with the 2019.1 upgrade is the requirement to request a Release Preview account. The SuiteAnswer (id: 48831) states:

If you used a Release Preview account last release, you will receive a 2019.1 Release Preview account by default

However, the 2019.1 release notes state:

Based on 2018.2 Release Preview usage, some customers will receive a Release Preview account by default.

I have found this latter to be the case. Indeed, I checked with multiple clients who did have an RP account for the 2018.2 upgrade but were not automatically enrolled, so it’s worth taking a moment to make sure you are subscribed.

To opt-in to the Release Preview:

  1. From your production account, go to Setup > Company > Release Preview.
  2. Click Request Release Preview.

NetSuite is a powerful tool and the upgrade process is usually smooth, but it is always wise to test your business-critical customizations in Release Preview before your upgrade date to ensure as hiccup-free a transition to the new release as possible. Numusgroup has the resources and expertise to help you to plan and execute a comprehensive regression testing plan. Not sure about what customizations you have? Our consultants are also adept at discovering, documenting, and remediating your customizations where necessary. Need NetSuite help? Let us know!

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