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A Super Useful NetSuite Chrome Plugin!

By November 11, 2019 No Comments

NetSuite Advanced Field Help by Marcel Pestana is an incredibly useful tool for NetSuite Developers and Administrators.

As an administrator, simply install the plugin and click on a field label. See the pop-up window is enlarged to account for the extra information presented.

Here is a list of all the super convenient things you can do:

  • Set field value
  • Copy field ID to clipboard
  • Set field Mandatory or Disabled
  • View the values and IDs of lists
  • View the Field Name as shown in the custom fields list (which is often different than the current label!)
  • Click on the field name to launch the custom field record in another tab in Edit mode
  • View the field type
  • Click on the “Go to Source List” link to launch the source list in edit mode (for fields of type list) — Caveat: this doesn’t work if your list is a custom record

Thank you, Marcel, for an incredibly useful plugin!

NetSuite is packed with powerful tools for getting things done. Want help unlocking them? Reach out anytime! We have a team of experts standing by to help with questions big and small. 

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