Why numusgroup

Why We’re a Good Fit

When looking for a NetSuite resource, most companies have a wishlist of desired attributes that span the entire spectrum of skills that are extremely hard to find out in the wild all in one FTE.  In general, the job description includes:

  • Analyze and understand the business (create functional requirements)
  • Be an expert NetSuite Administrator (searches, dashboards, reports, KPIs, and custom records)
  • Code efficiently and effectively in SuiteScript, HTML, and Freemarker
  • Translate complex business functional requirements into scalable NetSuite processes
  • Integrate 3rd-party apps, both internal and off-the-shelf
  • Provide training and clear documentation
  • Manage and prioritize projects effectively
  • Be an amazing communicator

And all of this while being able to juggle day-to-day operational issues (“fires”) with the constant stream of new project requirements.

While it is not impossible to find a resource like this, how much are you willing to pay for someone who is also your biggest single point of failure should they become ill or get hired off by another company who is willing to pay more for such a unicorn?  Also, is your costly SuiteScript resource’s time best utilized creating custom forms?

Many companies that have only 1 position available have found more value in finding an excellent (and less costly) NetSuite resource who can administer the system on a day-to-day basis and train users, while leaving the heavy lifting to a trusted partner.

Another benefit for using a trusted partner is that you have the ability to ramp up or dial back resources as needs vary.

Ready to work together on your NetSuite needs?